CloudBrix Delivers Scalable, Secure and Dependable Managed Services With OpsRamp

At OpsRamp, it’s our privilege to work with leading managed service providers who are helping enterprises navigate the complexity of a hybrid world. The right partner can help enterprise IT teams efficiently and cost-effectively manage hybrid app and infrastructure workloads across on-prem and multi-cloud environments. 

Our latest case study shares how our partner, CloudBrix used OpsRamp to deliver agile, reliable and compliant managed services. Founded in 2013, CloudBrix offers 24/7 managed IT services to organizations of all sizes. CloudBrix designs, engineers and then supports a wide variety of operational activities, including application and infrastructure monitoring, data protection, help desk support, IT asset discovery, and patch management.

We talked to CloudBrix’s CTO/COO, Jeromy Grimmett, a veteran technologist with 25 years of IT infrastructure management experience, to understand what role OpsRamp has played in their growth. Jeromy believes that organizations can lose millions of dollars per hour if they’re unable to access their data. It’s the job of companies like CloudBrix to prevent application downtime, by “providing the services necessary to keep systems online.”
CloudBrix on OpsRamp
CloudBrix needed an innovative IT operations management platform that could proactively track incidents as they happened and help its delivery teams restore services before there is any customer impact. While several technology companies had approached Jeromy to use their IT management solutions, CloudBrix chose OpsRamp for supporting a diverse array of technology platforms, support services and management tools.

Over the last few years, CloudBrix has standardized on OpsRamp for their end-to-end managed services delivery. Jeromy shares that OpsRamp’s greatest strength lies in the “depth and breadth of the monitoring which is a Swiss army knife of capabilities...We’re able to see an issue very quickly and it helps us have a very broad yet detailed scope on a device.”

Watch the video to learn more about how CloudBrix transformed its managed services delivery with OpsRamp. Then, become an OpsRamp partner and provide better IT management services to your customers today.

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