Open Letter To Micro Focus Operations Bridge Customers

Dear Micro Focus Operations Bridge Customers:

I’ve been where you are.

I understand what it means to put the trust of your organization into a software solution like Operations Bridge. And when it comes from HP, you generally feel confident in that choice. That confidence can last for years.

I also know what it looks like when legacy software outlives its usefulness.

I’m writing because I see that today in Operations Bridge from Micro Focus. This suite, billed as the “first containerized, service-oriented autonomous monitoring solution for hybrid IT,” is simply not keeping up with the times.

The truth is that the world of IT management is ever-changing, and today it’s more interesting than ever with software-defined infrastructure, cloud-native environments, and traditional data centers all in one place. But this means that solutions like Operations Bridge, previously Operations Manager i, previously OpenView Operations, must keep up or be retired. Today, Operations Bridge suffers from a host of inadequacies, including:

  1. Stagnant Product Roadmap. In the last eighteen months, OMi has seen five releases (10.12 in October 2016 to 10.63 in February 2018) with marginal improvements to product functionality. Given that Micro Focus has shown little penchant for product innovation, should you bet on OpsBridge for your IT event management? 
  2. Tool Maintenance. In 2018, why do you still need to assemble, integrate and manage tools and infrastructure for your event correlation tool? Why should you invest in operating system and database software licenses for OpsBridge? Why do your most experienced staff spend all their time feeding and caring for OpsBridge? Why does a containerized framework still need hosting and day-to-day maintenance?
  3. Aggressive Audits. The company is on a tear for increased profit margins. Get ready to field calls from Micro Focus reps or third-party auditors, who’ll do their best to prove how you’re violating contractual obligations to push for greater revenues. That means upgrade fees, renewals, maintenance and licensing aren’t far behind.

I also know that modern IT operations demands more - like flexibility, visibility, and a comprehensive solution. That's why we have Unified Service Intelligence (USI) to solve the challenges of the modern enterprise. It’s equipped with two main feature sets:

  1. Comprehensive Unified Monitoring. Imagine, if you had access to a policy-driven monitoring solution that automatically discovers your digital footprint, brings all your IT assets under management with best practice templates, and displays how your services connected back to your underlying infrastructure? You get all this and more with Unified Service Intelligence.
  2. Intelligent Event Correlation. OpsRamp’s event correlation offers strong domain awareness through dynamic discovery and service maps. You’ll have access to modern alert management that lets you notify teams through email, text, and voicemail without investing in messaging infrastructure. Best of all, you’ll be able to notify the right teams in real-time using shift rosters and escalation matrices, so that no alert is ever missed. Finally, native bi-directional integration with existing ITSM systems like ServiceNow allows you to handle the lifecycle of each incident and meet your service levels in a single solution.

I know it's easy to build a relationship of trust with the so-called Big 4 legacy IT Operations Management providers. HP / Micro Focus might have served you well in the past. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't expose some of the issues that big, outdated technology like this fails to address. In fact, we tell the whole story here.

We’re currently offering a special one-time 30% discount on Unified Service Intelligence for Micro Focus customers that are looking to switch from the Operations Bridge suite. It’s time to say goodbye to OpsBridge and move to the future of hybrid IT Operations as a Service.  Drop us a line at and our solution engineers will help you get started on the OpsBridge migration.

Thanks so much,

Varma Kunaparaju
CEO and Co-founder, OpsRamp

It's Time To Switch From Micro Focus Operations Bridge!

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