OpsRamp was one of only two vendors to be recognized in 451 Research’s Market Map for Application and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AIPM) in the categories of Infrastructure Monitoring, Event Correlation and Alerting. 

451’s AIPM Market Map offers a holistic perspective on key emerging categories in the IT monitoring and observability space. It divides the AIPM space into seven categories, including Application Performance Management, Log Management and Analytics, Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and Performance and Reliability Testing along with the above three categories.

Our inclusion across Infrastructure Monitoring, Event Correlation and Alerting categories demonstrates the OpsRamp Platform’s unique capabilities to collect and analyze monitoring data across hybrid infrastructure, correlate that data to IT events and send consolidated alerts to the right support personnel, and automatically handle repetitive incidents without any human intervention. 

Splunk was the only other vendor to be cited in all three categories, though it acquired its infrastructure monitoring and alerting capabilities from SignalFx and VictorOps. Meanwhile, OpsRamp has built all of its capabilities organically on the same platform. These capabilities, along with the ability to kick off automated processes in response to those alerts, are what makes OpsRamp a true modern IT operations platform.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring offers real-time insights into the performance of hybrid resources, such as servers, storage, and networks, whether they run on-prem or in the cloud. DevOps teams can also monitor the availability of cloud and cloud native services, such as K8s and Docker containers. OpsRamp’s ability to discover, observe and optimize hybrid infrastructure is the foundation of its platform. Finally, IT teams can track the health of applications, websites, and databases in a single place.

Event Correlation

451 Research defines Event Correlation as “the collection of IT events from various monitoring tools, then correlating those events to present users with all events related to each IT incident.” IT operations teams can use OpsRamp’s machine learning to sift through monitoring data and make sense of alert floods. They can then pinpoint the root cause of incidents, prioritize response by impact or urgency, notify the right teams, or even automate incident response. OpsRamp integrates with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, Cherwell, and Ivanti to close the loop between incident detection and response, ensuring lower mean time to resolution and repair.


While Alerting goes hand-in-hand with event correlation, only a handful of vendors offer both. Alerting tools collect alerts from different monitoring tools and send them to the appropriate responders. However, enterprises will find themselves drowning in a flood of alerts (many for the same incident) if they don’t use machine learning insights to aggregate, deduplicate, analyze, and categorize monitoring events. 

Our customers see up to a 95% reduction in alerts, thanks to our machine learning capabilities. OpsRamp’s service-centric AIOps platform delivers intelligent event management, powerful alert correlation, and rapid remediation across both native and third-party events. You can use our hybrid IT monitoring or bring your own.

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