We’re delighted to announce that OpsRamp is part of 451 Research’s 2018 Market Map for Application and Infrastructure Performance. The Market Map shortlists OpsRamp for its infrastructure monitoring and event correlation capabilities and highlights our unique strengths for digital business operations.

So, what’s a Market Map report and why should IT operations teams care? The Market Map helps you answer questions like, “What monitoring investments will help me drive positive business outcomes?” The Market Map offers a detailed vendor landscape and tracks 119 vendors across ten performance monitoring categories.  

While you should read the entire report, here are three performance management insights for IT professionals:

Takeaway #1 - IT Operations And Big Data: A Match Made In Heaven.

"There is an emerging realization that the data being collected by monitoring tools can offer important insight even outside of the IT department...Marrying information about the performance of software with customer data can inform product and even business direction."

- Nancy Gohring, 451 Research, Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2018

With the proliferation of digital services and abundance of operational data, you need a better framework for handling IT operations at scale. How do you gain the right situational awareness for all the services that you support, given the volume and variety of data that you need to analyze?

Machine learning algorithms and models applied to operational data can help enterprises better manage IT systems and processes. At OpsRamp, we process, analyze, and extract insights across volumes of data for service-level visibility and control.

IT operations analytics help you respond to business demands in real-time by tracking and presenting relevant metrics for end-user impact, incident resolution, and service levels. Improve the operational health of dynamic and complex IT environments with data-driven insights.

Takeaway #2 - Continuous Optimization With Scalable Infrastructure Monitoring.

"As developers embrace new technologies, so too do infrastructure monitoring vendors add new techniques designed to offer better insight into those technologies, as well as what many are calling application-aware infrastructure monitoring."

- Nancy Gohring, 451 Research, Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2018

With IT budgets flat for the most part, how do you manage more workloads with less work? You need the right tools that can deliver business-focused insights for software-defined environments, optimize service performance and uptime, and enhance collaboration across different groups.

OpsRamp’s Unified Service Intelligence brings continuous monitoring and proactive alerting for mission-critical workloads. Service intelligence offers a single source of truth for multiple domains, unifies disparate monitoring tools, and drives faster troubleshooting for production outages.

Takeaway #3 - Event Correlation: Weeding Out False Alarms. 

"As more monitoring vendors seek to collect data about the full stack, they are adding analytics capabilities that accomplish some of what traditional event correlation has done, raising questions in some cases about the utility of a separate event correlation capability or offering."

- Nancy Gohring, 451 Research, Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2018

Event correlation helps IT teams analyze and respond to service outages by isolating root cause, eliminating duplicate events, and meeting service levels with the right event context. Intelligent correlation tools dynamically process metrics, alerts, and tickets for faster mean time to acknowledgment and resolution.

OpsRamp’s event management combines alert aggregation, real-time notifications, and a native service desk for comprehensive incident management. Align operations and service management for effective service delivery and maintain service levels for all your digital initiatives.  


451 Research’s Market Map for Application and Infrastructure Performance offers invaluable insights for IT teams, service providers, and anyone else in the world of performance monitoring. Get your free copy of the Market Map for Application and Infrastructure Performance from 451 Research today.

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