The Dollars and Sense of OpsRamp

4 Min Read | June 27, 2019

It’s easier than ever to calculate the return on investment you can expect with a switch to our modern platform for hybrid enterprise infrastructure monitoring and management.

Enterprise IT teams are dealing with the daily challenges of alert floods, point tool sprawl, and overwhelming hybrid complexity. The recent OpsRamp State of AIOps report indicated that IT professionals are using AIOps tools for productivity gains from intelligent alerting (69%), faster root cause analysis (61%), and better infrastructure performance through anomaly detection (55%). Meanwhile, enterprise-wide point tool adoption has grown in size and scope, adding to the overall bloat of data, analytics, and swivel-chair IT operations management.  This is where OpsRamp can transform an organization, both qualitatively, through consolidation of a dynamic IT environment, and quantitatively, with time, money, and resources saved. 

Today marks the launch of the online OpsRamp Cost Savings Calculator, built from customer data, for IT experts looking to quantify the actual value of the ITOM capabilities of the OpsRamp platform and see how the elimination of different tools will save time and money. 

The OpsRamp Cost Savings Calculator showcases two primary benefits of a unified platform:

  • Prevention
  • IT operations management (ITOM) tool Elimination



Quiet the Noise

The Prevent calculator determines the savings from alerts and incidents that no longer require human interaction. Every company has hybrid IT infrastructure resources that can constantly trigger an alert, whether reported by an end user, created through automated processes or gathered from a third-party ITOM tool.

OpsQ’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solution automatically correlates, de-duplicates and suppresses alerts, and then escalates root-cause incidents, preventing many of these events from ever requiring human interaction. The end result is that ITOM and ITSM teams are relieved from alert floods, reducing the time it takes to identify the root cause.

Alerts active vs Alerts preventedFigure 1 - Via advanced policy-driven automation, that uses machine learning, the number of alerts requiring human interaction is greatly reduced with the OpsRamp AIOps platform. (Note: data shown for this customer is for one month)

To best use the calculator, start with the number of IT resources you’re currently managing, the time spent to log each incident and your organization’s average IT manager salary.


Tighten Up the ITOM Toolkit

Customers quickly recognize that, with OpsRamp, they can consolidate, integrate and replace many of the expensive ITOM tools that bloat their budgets. The OpsRamp IT Operations Management Cost Savings Calculator helps them quickly quantify these savings across different categories of tools in just a few clicks. These categories include:

Infrastructure Monitoring: Use OpsRamp’s native instrumentation for hybrid infrastructure monitoring, or integrate event data from your existing monitoring tools – including legacy ITOM tools such as Micro Focus, BMC, CA, and IBM, APM tools like AppDynamics and New Relic, cloud infrastructure platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure) , and tools like Solarwinds and Splunk – into one centralized monitoring dashboard. 

Synthetic Monitoring: OpsRamp covers your last-mile customer experience monitoring and/or integrates with tools from Dynatrace, New Relic, AppDynamics, Pingdom and more.

AIOps: OpsQ, the AIOps alert inference engine from OpsRamp, helps reduce alert noise through algorithmic event correlation and intelligent incident management. It uses native instrumentation to ingest data from a variety of infrastructure sources and replaces the need for tools that speak to the benefits of AIOps but struggle to tune the signal to the underlying algorithms. 

Alert Escalation Management: Let OpsRamp help automatically escalate multi-channel alerts to global on-call service delivery teams. Deliver faster mean-time-to-resolution with contextual alerts to ITSM teams through integrations with ServiceNow, Cherwell, Ivanti and more.

Simply select which tools you would integrate, consolidate, or replace, and the Cost Savings Calculator determines the generally-accepted amount of savings you could expect to see.

Are you ready to calculate the savings yourself? Visit the online OpsRamp Cost Savings Calculator, or contact us to schedule a custom ROI demonstration for your organization today.

Next Steps:

  • Simplify your cloud migrations with OpsRamp.
  • Register for our on-demand webinar “Bringing AIOps to Hybrid Cloud Monitoring and Management.”
  • Download the OpsRamp Cost Savings Solution Brief for more information on how the tool works.

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