The third quarter of 2019 has seen OpsRamp receive market recognition from three independent analyst firms, Digital Enterprise Journal, 451 Research, and Gartner. Leading media publications, DevOps Online News and ITOps Times, have also highlighted OpsRamp’s capabilities for DevOps and IT Operations Analytics. 

Our inclusion in these third-party reports highlights the growing need for a modern digital operations management platform that can serve the needs of both traditional enterprise IT operations teams as well as modern DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering teams in a single place.

Digital Enterprise Journal Recognizes OpsRamp as a Top 20 Vendor for Enabling Best Performing Organizations in Managing IT Operations

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) analyzed 100+ leading IT operations management (ITOM) tools for its recent research on The Roadmap to Becoming a Top Performing Organization in Managing IT Operations. In a companion report, Top 20 Vendors for Enabling Best Performing Organizations, DEJ shortlisted 20 technology vendors that are addressing modern IT operations challenges, enabling consistent day-to-day performance, and enhancing operational performance metrics.

The top 20 ITOM technology providers help create and build the strategy, processes, organization, and technology capabilities required to become a top performing IT organization (TPO). In this report, DEJ recognized the OpsRamp platform for its market-leading capabilities in:

  • Service-Centric AIOps. OpsRamp was ranked Very Strong for delivering actionable context for native and third-party events and reducing the human time spent on identifying incident root cause(s) for an IT outage.  
  • Infrastructure Monitoring. OpsRamp was also rated Very Strong for its unified analysis capabilities across the enterprise monitoring tools stack, impact visibility and service context for critical performance issues, and automated remediation for faster recovery from service degradations. 

OpsRamp as TPO

451 Research Highlights OpsRamp as a Platform 1.0 and ITOA 2.0 Technology Provider 

451 Research analyst, Nancy Gohring, recently published The IT Ops Evolution thought leadership report which explains how enterprise IT teams are transitioning away from conventional ITIL-based management approaches to a centralized platform approach for IT performance monitoring.

Three new innovative approaches characterize the evolution of the IT operations function:  

  • Platform 1.0. A modern IT operations platform combines at least three distinct performance management capabilities so that enterprises can gain better situational context and drive rapid restoration.   
  • ITOA 2.0. IT operations analytics tools apply machine learning algorithms on native and third-party performance data to extract relevant performance  insights for intelligent incident management.
  • Programmable Platform. Programmable platforms let DevOps teams combine a wide variety of data sources and apply business rules and domain-specific insights in an open and extensible manner to meet the unique needs of their organization.   

The report calls out OpsRamp for its Platform 1.0 and ITOA 2.0 capabilities that help IT operations teams manage workloads across hybrid and cloud native infrastructure: “With a list of integrations designed to deliver insight into infrastructure ranging from on-premises servers to Kubernetes, OpsRamp is capable of meeting the needs of companies in Traditional, Maturing and Modern operating models.”

Gartner Calls Out OpsRamp in Three Independent Reports 

Leading analyst firm, Gartner recognized OpsRamp in three recent research reports on DevOps, infrastructure automation, and hybrid digital infrastructure management:

Gain Control of DevOps and AIOps with OpsRamp 

In other recognition, DevOps Online News shortlisted OpsRamp as a finalist in the Leading DevOps Vendor category. ITOps Times’ 2019 AIOps Buyers Guide mentions OpsRamp’s service-centric AIOps as a leading solution to “automate multi-cloud management using machine learning.” The ITOps Times guide also highlighted OpsRamp’s State of AIOps report that shows how AIOps is emerging as a key approach to combat alert fatigue and infrastructure complexity. 

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