It’s April 22 and everybody knows today is Earth Day. But do you know how much energy your IT infrastructure is consuming and what that translates to in cost and carbon footprint?  

As we place more demands on our IT infrastructure to store and manage the reams of data we’re collecting and run advanced analytics and artificial intelligence on that data, we are inevitably consuming more energy in our data centers. Gaining a better understanding of this energy usage doesn’t just lead to efficiency and cost savings, it’s often required for compliance with initiatives like the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s new Climate Related Disclosure rules.  

Enter HPE Sustainability Insight Center, a new offering which provides energy and carbon emissions reporting through a unified console to empower customers to make impactful changes, lower costs and help to achieve their sustainable IT goals. 

The HPE Sustainability Insight Center provides a current view of the total energy consumption for HPE compute devices that are managed by HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management and HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management – OneView Edition, including information about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and costs associated with your energy consumption. 

But what if you have compute devices from other vendors besides HPE? That’s where OpsRamp, an HPE Enterprise company, comes in. By integrating OpsRamp with HPE Sustainability Insight Center, you can provide sustainable IT metrics for multi-vendor infrastructure and application resources in hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments. This integration is supported in the V.2 GA Release of HPE Sustainability Insight Center 

With OpsRamp and HPE Sustainability Insight Center, you can: 

  • Measure the carbon footprint of heterogeneous IT assets based on actual energy usage.  
  • Analyze telemetry aggregated across sites and provide cumulative totals and averages.  
  • Report carbon footprint and energy costs across sites (per device and site location).  
  • Report energy consumption data by device, location and date range. 

Once you understand how much energy your IT infrastructure is consuming, you’re then empowered to do something about it. HPE Sustainability Insight Center is available through HPE GreenLake cloud platform; HPE GreenLake customers report a 36% reduction in server usage and a 53% reduction in IT infrastructure energy consumption, according to a recent IDC Business Value study of HPE GreenLake. 

Happy Earth Day! 

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