This week was Gartner Infrastructure & Operations Management (IOM) Summit and its inaugural year to zoom in on the "OM" part of "IOM," leaving behind its history as the "other DC conference."

Vistara participated as a Silver Sponsor. We were thrilled to spend three days in lively discussions (also known as "geeking out") with Gartner analysts, end users, and industry peers on the challenges and opportunities to align IT infrastructure and services with organizational goals. Kudos to Gartner for bringing the fresh focus to the Summit!

Here are some of our highlights from IOM:

  • Eddie Obeng and WAM... Professor Eddie Obeng kicked off the Summit with a dynamic and interactive keynote, calling on leaders to proactively seek change and gave us tactics to combat the “heavy weight of inertia and tradition” to navigate transformation in organizations. Check out his opening video, well worth the 9 minutes if you missed it!

  • Bimodal IT... Ronni Colville and Debra Curtis spoke about balancing the bimodal tension between renovating the IT core versus operating in nonlinear mode when you need speed, innovation, and can operate with high degrees of uncertainty. This theme of providing safe, reliable IT while delivering new value at digital speed permeated throughout the three days. Their Autobahn analogy totally resonated with us - stay tuned for more from Vistara about how we can be your Autobahn to let you safely fly at 120 mph!

  • Let Vistara see across your tools

    So many tools... Jonah Kowall asked the audience during his unified monitoring session how many monitoring tools they used. A staggering 67% of attendees were using more than 6 monitoring tools, and 27% have more than 10 monitoring tools in their IT environment!

    We saw this theme of tool proliferation across ITOM disciplines and heard from many of you about the challenges this creates. We had great conversations about how Vistara's single pane of glass visibility can help unify your IT operations, whether you keep, rationalize, or replace these tools.

Thanks to all for visiting us and engaging with Vistara. We had a blast and look forward to continuing the conversations! Can't wait for IOM 2015!

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