AI is transforming every aspect of our lives, and the world of IT operations is no exception.  AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s increasingly complex IT environments. A recent OpsRamp survey found that 87% of respondents agree that AIOps tools are improving their data driven collaboration. Organizations today have complex hybrid cloud technology landscapes. Not having a comprehensive solution for end-to-end observability and actionable insights for managing performance of business services can leave IT operations teams exposed.  

HPE Complete Care Service – ITOps is a new service offering to solve this business challenge, combining edge-to-cloud IT support services with the elusive single pane of glass view of your hybrid IT environment, helping you to diagnose IT problems before they affect performance. 


HPE Complete Care Service is a modular edge-to-cloud IT environment support service that provides a holistic approach to optimizing the entire IT environment. HPE Complete Care Service includes an assigned team of HPE experts who understand your IT and business goals and cover your entire IT environment. They help define your business IT goals and support your journey towards optimized IT outcomes.  

HPE Complete Care Service — ITOps combines the existing benefits of HPE Complete Care Service, including an assigned account team, enhanced incident management, and environment-wide support, with the benefits of a centralized IT operations management solution, powered by OpsRamp, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Customers get escalated help when issues do occur and 24/7 access to HPE support teams for assistance, best practice guidance and coaching. Your staff can work on innovation and digital transformation projects, rather than focusing on fire-fighting issues and mundane IT tasks.  

HPE Complete Care Service — ITOps provides advanced discovery, dashboarding, and automation of your IT ecosystem across full hybrid cloud HPE and non-HPE assets. HPE engineers with extensive experience leverage the proven global capabilities of HPE and partners to collaborate with your team, assessing risk, developing a joint plan, and helping ensure implementation to mitigate risk and optimize the performance of your IT.  

With the addition of capabilities based on OpsRamp, customers get a holistic view of the entire IT ecosystem and opportunities to automate and further optimize to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. 

HPE Complete Care Service – ITOps helps your IT teams: 

  • Monitor, manage and operate the entire hybrid IT environment regardless of the location of those IT assets — on-premises, multi-cloud or cloud-native. 
  • Collect and enrich IT asset inventory data to optimize IT environments and IT operations processes.  
  • Provide actionable insights into alerts and incidents to proactively resolve issues before they impact business services. 

Self-monitoring, Patching, and Automation 

HPE Complete Care Service customers have the option to leverage additional value in the form of solution blocks to self-monitor devices and automate patching. Deliverables for self-monitoring, patching, and automation include: 

  • Joint planning sessions to implement and recommend improvements to deliver customer-desired outcomes 
  • Planning and advice — OS patching and configuration 
  • Assistance with scripting and automating alert responses 
  • Assistance with solution optimization 
  • Optimization of alert and infrastructure management 
  • Guidance on observability configurations and remediation 
  • Knowledge-base creation for event handling and recovery 

Business Transformation with HPE Complete Care Service  

IT powers your business. IT operations management has the power to transform your business. IT management should not be about firefighting and spending countless hours on maintenance tasks. Instead, IT should be at the forefront of driving business transformation.  

The holistic approach of HPE Complete Care Service — ITOps helps you achieve this transformation with an assigned account team, enhanced incident management and environment-wide support combined with monitoring, management and automation of your entire hybrid IT environment. HPE Complete Care Service — ITOps customers can analyze telemetry from business IT environments across the globe and use this knowledge to transform IT and business operations. 

To learn more about HPE Complete Care Service – ITOps, please join the HPE Services and OpsRamp teams at the Discover Showcase at HPE Discover 2024 in Las Vegas. 

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