OpsRamp Presents at Cloud Expo Santa Clara

3 Min Read | June 19, 2019

Come and learn the latest best-practices on artificial intelligence, cloud management, and the rise of the data-driven IT organization.

Global public cloud spending worldwide has now topped $200 billion, according to Forrester Research. Organizations are moving to the cloud at a breakneck pace, looking for agility, flexibility, reliability and cost control. OpsRamp can help these companies with a seamless cloud migration, more comprehensive cloud infrastructure monitoring and next-generation, service-centric AIOps for event management.

As part of our commitment to cloud, we’re proud to not only sponsor Cloud Expo Santa Clara, but our CEO and other leadership will be presenting on a variety of critical trends emerging in today’s hybrid world, including the keynote address of the conference. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s on the schedule:

Bhanu Singh

AIOps is a transformative technological set and has the potential to reimagine IT’s value back to the business. But when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation, data context is the most critical aspect of overall effectiveness. Join OpsRamp’s SVP of Product Development and Engineering, Bhanu Singh, as he presents on the value of data as the rocket fuel for AIOps, and how data context must be a priority to drive actionable insights.

Varma Kunaparaju

Hybrid cloud management already presents challenges for many IT organizations, from swivel-chair management of point tools and infrastructure, to bridging skills gaps when it comes time to adopt cloud-native technologies. AI can solve some of these challenges through intelligent automation and actionable insights, but how does a company that’s just starting its cloud journey make the leap to AIOps?

Jiayi Hoffman

Many publications and prognosticators are hailing how AI will revolutionize IT operations. Business leaders are buying in, hoping to reap the benefits of the massive gains in cloud computing power and advanced algorithmic capabilities to support improvements in critical IT operations like threat detection, event management, and configuration management.

But not everyone is eager to hop on the AI train just yet. IT pros have invested time, money, and a ton of effort into their careers and there’s real fear — even if it’s mostly in response to the hype — of eventually being replaced by machines.

If you’re planning to attend the conference, visit us at booth #409 or schedule an appointment today. We’d love to meet and discuss your cloud concerns!

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