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Having worked with managed service providers, technology integrators, value-added resellers, and cloud service providers across the world, OpsRamp understands what it takes to create great partnerships. Over the last five years, we have learned a lot about fostering smart and committed relationships with our partner ecosystem. 

Relationships are key in a world of rapid change and constant innovation. Healthy partner relationships require constant nurturing, collaboration, and enablement. And like every strong relationship, the best partnerships provide mutual benefit and growth opportunities. 

Recognizing this, we have announced the new OpsRamp Partner Program to help our partners build expertise around multi-cloud infrastructure management and modern incident management. Our goal is to help partners work better with their customers, deliver the right offerings, and grow a profitable hybrid infrastructure monitoring and service-centric AIOps practice. 

Today marks the launch of the OpsRamp Partner Program. Our partner community now has access to enhanced sales and technical training, marketing and selling resources, and go-to-market support.

Tap into the power of the OpsRamp partnership by signing up today.

Why Work with OpsRamp?

OpsRamp will help partners accelerate digital transformation through painless cloud migrations, seamless multi-cloud operations, and machine learning-powered insights for distributed IT environments. Our modern IT operations platform is purpose-built for the world’s leading service providers, with comprehensive capabilities for service discovery, hybrid infrastructure monitoring, intelligent correlation, alert escalation, and automation. 

The OpsRamp Partner Program ensures the right business outcomes for our extended partner network with predictable revenue streams, faster time-to-market, and greater customer trust. There are new tools and resources to arm partners with the latest market insights they need to be successful along with the collaboration and support required for a complex customer engagement typical of larger enterprise IT organizations.  

Some of the highlights of the new OpsRamp Partner Program include: 

  • Partner Resources Center – Your centralized portal to a world of sales and technical education, marketing collateral, and real-world information you need to successfully sell, implement, and optimize the OpsRamp platform for your customers. 
  • Enhanced Partner Support – Partner education, sales support, customer onboarding, and implementation support for expediting customer adoption and maximizing revenue and value delivered to your customers.
  • Favorable Incentive Pricing – In addition to competitive partner pricing and lucrative incentives, you can leverage best practices to capture more business, create stickier relationships, and increase profitability.
  • Increased Co-marketing – Tap into joint go-to-market strategies, event opportunities, and co-branded initiatives for demand generation and market awareness.
  • Greater Operational Support – Work with streamlined systems for accelerated deal registration, quotes, and orders, as well as account management and customer support.
  • New Vehicles for Better Partner Awareness – Access the right communication, collaboration, and engagement from OpsRamp experts for building new opportunities and accelerating sales growth. 

Become an OpsRamp Partner 

The three components of every effective program are shared goals, a process for tracking milestones, and continuous feedback, support, and adjustments. The Partner Program delivers a clear path for creating win-win relationships and scaling faster with technical guidance, turnkey support, and value-added services. 

We will continually enhance our partner program with your participation, feedback, and collaboration. Check out the OpsRamp Partner Program today and learn how we can jointly work together to deliver powerful, flexible, and innovative digital operations management.

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