Now it’s easy to stay up on what’s new in the world of IT operations.

Sometimes a webinar is more than you want, but user documentation is just too deep to dive into. That’s why we are introducing Ramp into OpsRamp: Tech Talks on What’s New With OpsRamp. Tech Talks are periodic chats and demos with our seasoned technical experts on the latest innovations in the OpsRamp platform.

In these talks, we discuss what we’re hearing from our customers and partners and explain how OpsRamp lets you drive visibility and control for modern infrastructure management. You’ll learn IT operations as a service best-practices for scalable, reliable and secure digital infrastructure delivery.

AIOps: When Human Cognition Isn't Enough

This Tech Talk focuses on AIOps and Alert Inferencing in OpsRamp 5.0. You might have watched our recent webinar with 451 Research where we discussed how some enterprises are using 50 different tools for monitoring alone. With so many point tools, alert management can easily get overwhelming, especially when a central IT operations team needs to manage and respond to critical incidents.

The OpsRamp Alert Inference engine uses topology and clustering-based event correlation to identify the most relevant alerts and routes them to the right teams for remediation. We’ve heard from customers that our AIOps Inference Engine helps them maintain service availability and performance for their digital business services.

Join me as I talk with OpsRamp solution engineer Wael Altaqi, about the right ways to start an AIOps initiative. Learn how you can gain control of alert floods and extract the signal from the noise that dogs your digital operations management.

With OpsRamp, it’s easier than ever to deliver smarter alert management in a unified way. Pair it with hybrid infrastructure monitoring for a digital operations command center that provides flexibility, agility and control.

If you want to propose a topic for our forthcoming talk, email us with your suggestions at Have a listen, and we’ll see you next time.

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