The Cost of IT Outages [Infographic]

2 Min Read | June 30, 2016

You’re dependent on IT systems for the smooth functioning of your enterprise. IT outages can impact the productivity and profitability of your enterprise. Given the negative publicity around outages, do you know how much you can lose from a typical outage?

Check out our infographic to understand the financial impact of IT outages. Combine third party data with an analysis of how your organization would suffer in the wake of an outage. Ask these questions for firm specific context around IT outages:

  1. What is the business risk of an outage to your firm reputation?
  2. Can your employees and partners get work done during an outage?
  3. Will customers complain or switch providers if they are unable to access your website?
  4. Do you have transactional systems that need to always available? How much revenue do you lose for every minute of downtime?
  5. Are there penalties if you fail to meet service levels for uptime and availability?

Use this firm specific analysis to create a business case for investing in high availability infrastructure that will help you combat IT outages.

The Cost of IT Outages

Do you agree with the industry estimates presented in our infographic? Continue the conversation at #ITOutages to let us know your views on the impact of IT outages.  

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