The whole point of monitoring and managing your IT services is to ensure that they’re able to keep business services available and responsive to customer demands. But how do you actually quantify the return on investment you get from your IT performance management solutions? Digital Enterprise Journal set out to answer that question in its new research study, The Total Business Impact of IT Performance.

Based on interviews with more than 2,300 IT organizations, the study looks at how IT performance creates competitive advantage and impacts business outcomes and calculates the cost of not taking action to improve your IT performance. OpsRamp has partnered with DEJ to bring this research study to its customers and prospects.

How to be a Top Performing Organization

The study benchmarks the IT organizations that responded to the survey and defines the top 20% as “Top Performing Organizations” or TPOs.  The four metrics  that these TPOs measure against include:

  • Percentage of performance issues that are proactively detected
  • Percentage of IT budgets available for growth and innovation
  • Average mean time to resolution (MTTR) per incident
  • Percentage of revenue generated from new digital services

Aside from the fact that TPOs measure all those better than other respondents, the study also demonstrates that TPOs fare better in a number of other key IT performance metrics including:

  • TPOs spend 33% less time on unplanned work
  • TPOs spend 97% less on maintaining existing services
  • TPOs report higher customer satisfaction scores
  • TPOs are more than three times as likely to create new revenue streams from technology deployments vs everyone else.

The study provides a roadmap to becoming a TPO in IT management.

Challenges Remain

TPO or not, the study shows that most IT organizations are struggling to connect IT performance to business impact. More than eight out of 10 survey respondents cannot even calculate the financial impact of monitoring their IT performance. More than half cited this as an obstacle to securing budget for new technology investments. Fortunately, the DEJ study lays out just how much poor IT performance is costing organizations and how much ROI can be gained by doing things the right way.  Download your copy of the report and  learn:

  • Average annual loss due to the inability to prevent performance issues
  • Annual cost of war-room meetings
  • Average revenue loss per month from application slowdowns
  • Average revenue loss from lack of capabilities to manage remote work
  • ROI from taking a proactive approach to addressing IT performance issues
  • ROI from taking a user-centric approach to managing IT
  • Gains to be made in revenue growth rate, speed to market and employee engagement from becoming a TPO

Download the report below to learn the answers to these and other issues and start your journey to becoming a top-performing IT organization today.

Top challenges cited by IT organizations in DEJ study, by percentage of respondents.


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