Vistara today announced the release of its latest version, Vistara 3.0.8, which includes sophisticated features for modern IT operations management. New functionality in this release includes reporting for wireless LAN controllers and access points and detailed metrics for unified storage systems management. With this release, Vistara extends monitoring support for the most popular open source applications and enables custom device inventory reports. Finally, we’ve made it easier to monitor and control multi-tier IT services and manage virtual appliances across multiple virtualization platforms.

Reporting for Wireless LAN Controllers and Access Points

Vistara now offers a new report that allows IT administrators to diagnose the health and performance of Wireless LAN controllers and access points. The report delivers information on:

  • Wireless access points connected to a controller
  • Availability and health of wireless access points
  • Active and historical wireless clients connected to an access point

Customers who had early access to this feature are reporting that in some cases wireless LAN availability wasn't as high as they'd previously believed, so continuous monitoring has enabled them to identify and resolve problems and improve quality of service for their end users.

Detailed I/O Metrics for EMC VNX and Netapp FAS Storage Arrays

Our storage monitoring for EMC VNX and Netapp FAS includes key performance metrics that provide deep visibility into your unified storage solutions. IT organizations can track the throughput and response time patterns for critical storage platforms with this report using parameters such as:

  • I/O operations for read and write operations
  • I/O response time for read and write operations
  • I/O errors for read and write operations
  • I/O operations over NFS, CIFS, iSCSI
  • Storage processor performance

Monitoring for New Applications

Vistara offers monitoring support for the most popular open source applications. We now monitor the following applications on the Linux platform:

Device Inventory Report

Vistara’s device inventory reporting template empowers IT teams to create reports with any device attribute such as device name, IP address, make/model, operating system, and so on. Administrators can use the comprehensive asset information in this report to monitor the status of devices throughout the enterprise.

Simplified Service Definition Experience

Vistara now provides an intuitive interface to define custom services. This makes it easy to define logical services to monitor the performance and availability of complex, distributed, multi-tier IT services that are composed of internal and external physical and virtual elements.

Vistara Gateway in OVF Format

The Vistara Gateway is now available in Open Virtualization Format (OVF) to enable easy deployment. With this feature, you can manage virtual appliances across multiple virtualization platforms with ease.

Want to see how Vistara can simplify unified IT operations management for your enterprise? Contact us and request a demo!

Image Credit: Carsten Overgaard Øhlenschlæger

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