Vistara today announced the release of its latest version, Vistara 3.0.6, which includes powerful new features for unifying IT operations management. Vistara can now monitor and manage wireless LAN devices as well as the rest of an organization's distributed IT infrastructure. Vistara also has improved support for networks in which the number of servers allowed to make outbound connections is limited, and it can cache management data locally for later transmission when a network's Internet connection has a scheduled or unscheduled outage, improving resiliency. In addition, administrators can define custom attributes for classifying IT elements, making it easy to flexibly group, monitor, and manage elements however desired.

Advanced Monitoring for Wireless LAN Controllers and Wireless Access Points

Vistara now provides advanced monitoring of wireless LAN controllers and wireless access points. Monitored information includes:

  • Wireless access points connected to a controller
  • Availability and health of wireless access points
  • Active and historical wireless clients connected to an access point
  • Identification of rogue and thin access points

IT organizations using wireless LAN monitoring have often discovered that Wi-Fi device uptime is not as high as they previously believed. Vistara’s continuous real time monitoring and management enables IT organizations to respond to Wi-Fi outages more quickly, decreasing mean time to resolution and increasing uptime.

Improved Support for Network Security Policies Limiting the Number of Servers Authorized to Make Outbound Connections

Network security policies often require IT organizations to configure their networks so that only a limited number of designated servers can make outbound network connections. IT organizations can now configure the Vistara Gateway to act a proxy for Vistara Agents. In this configuration, Vistara Agents connect to Vistara via the Gateway instead of directly connecting to Vistara.

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This option makes it possible to get the benefits of deploying the Vistara Agent on servers and client machines, such as configuration and patch management, antivirus signature management, and runbook automation, while keeping the number of machines authorized to make outbound connections limited.

Improved Resiliency During Network Connectivity Outages and Support for Devices with Intermittent Internet Connections

Some devices, such as ones on vehicles like cars, trains, and ships, may have intermittent rather than continuous Internet access. And even if a device is supposed to have continuous Internet connectivity, outages happen. Vistara Agents can now cache collected management data locally in the event of network connectivity loss between the managed device and Vistara. When network connectivity is restored, Vistara Agents automatically retransmit cached data to Vistara to ensure data completeness while minimizing network bandwidth consumption.

Custom Attributes on All IT Elements, Including Network Devices

IT organizations often need to classify elements flexibly for inventory tracking, reporting, billing or other purposes. Vistara now supports the ability to define custom attributes on devices. IT organizations can define a set of meaningful attributes that meet their unique needs and then use them like tags to label each IT element as needed.

Want to see how Vistara can simplify unified IT operations management for your enterprise? Contact us and request a demo!

Image credit: Terri Brown

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