Your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has instituted a new audit and compliance policy. The policy requires you to archive key log files from production servers for 36 months.

Your task as a system administrator is to gather key log files from hundreds of servers and stash them away in a central repository. You need to perform this critical task in a predictable manner across your IT environment. While not a complex task, it can consume your time and effort if you try do this without some form of automation. This is a perfect candidate for IT process automation.

What are your automation options here? You can use a system tool like logrotate that will rotate, compress, and email log files. This approach will exhaust your energies. You will need to configure the tool on each server, transfer compressed log files to the repository, and so on. Imagine managing this process across hundreds of servers, day in and day out!

With OpsRamp’s runbook automation, you can automate routine tasks with ease and consistency. You write a script to scrape and stash logs in your favorite scripting language - Python, Perl, Bash, etc. You then upload your script to OpsRamp as a runbook and set up a schedule for your runbook.

OpsRamp will run your script on each server - no matter where your server is - your datacenter, Amazon, Azure, or a private cloud. OpsRamp will also report on the execution status of your script on each server, so that you can audit the process. OpsRamp simplifies IT operations processes in a predictable manner so that you can work on higher-value strategic IT initiatives.

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