TechTarget defines IT Process Automation as “the ability to orchestrate and integrate tools, people and processes through workflow.” IT process automation provides you the ability to replace manual tasks with repeatable, automated processes that increase response times and decrease human errors.

IT operations teams are struggling to meet the rapid pace of change that the business demands. How do you deliver innovation and agility while enhancing productivity across IT operations? The answer is to embrace IT process automation, also known as runbook automation.

Analyst firm Gartner believes that “automating IT processes must be a central tenet in the IT operations management construct.” Process automation helps IT teams address business needs, increase service quality, reduce redundant activities, and manage to audit or compliance policies.

Enterprises can configure and apply OpsRamp automation for practical everyday use cases. OpsRamp enables enterprises and service providers in automating routine tasks at scale, saving manual effort across repetitive tasks, and driving consistency of execution.

Here are some specific use cases that we will cover for later blog posts:

  1. On-demand system administration tasks. Automate one-time activities across your IT assets. Use OpsRamp to accomplish regular tasks at scale.
  2. System administration tasks on a defined schedule. OpsRamp provides an easy way to perform routine activities on a schedule across your infrastructure.
  3. Event driven automation. Intermittent problem events can be elusive to diagnose. A detailed snapshot of the system around such events can provide valuable insight into root cause. OpsRamp’s automation framework supports event driven data collection to speed up problem diagnosis.

Process automation helps remediate common events, ensures consistent execution of everyday tasks, and prevents problems by automating routine maintenance. If you would like to learn more on reducing complexity and increasing operational efficiency with OpsRamp automation, reach out to us for a free demo!

Learn more about how OpsRamp helps you automate routine admin tasks and assign root cause with critical event context.

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