Welcome to the latest edition of OpsComm, where we review the monthly happenings of OpsRamp in the industry.

The OpsRamp service-centric AIOps platform is building momentum in the market. It’s clear that IT operations teams are struggling with efficient management of legacy architectures while still meeting the demands of digital transformation. Here’s a quick recap of how OpsRamp is addressing this problem with a unified, cloud-based approach to modern digital operations:

  1. OpsQ Is Live. Our service-centric AIOps platform took center stage in October with the launch of OpsQ, the machine learning engine for intelligent event management, powerful alert correlation, and rapid remediation. OpsQ ingests events from all your IT operations tools, consolidates and correlates them, and creates meaningful alerts for faster remediation. We’ve published a white paper, datasheet and blog post on how OpsQ works. We’ve already seen dramatic results for some OpsQ users…..
    AIOps_NetEnrich Quote
    ...and it’s captured the attention of the marketplace with articles across the industry:
    OpsRamp-betanews OpsRamp-ITOpsTimes OpsRamp-UCNetwork-Management

  2. The Speaking Circuit: Getting the Word Out. Our CEO, Varma Kunaparaju, shared his perspective on the three transformations driving IT today at CMG's Executive Insights Conference. Varma discussed the shifting technology landscape and how innovations like AIOps are helping enterprises navigate a digital future. You can find his presentation here.
    Figure 1 - OpsRamp CEO, Varma Kunaparaju, discusses the changing roles and responsibilities of modern IT operations teams at CMG’s Executive Insights conference.

    We also had the pleasure of interacting with some of the world’s leading IT leaders at the CIO Summit hosted by Sapphire Ventures. In his talk “Moving to a Cloud World,” Varma discussed how intelligent incident management can help IT teams handle incident detection, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and resolution at digital scale. The message was simple: Enterprises will need to adopt new technologies for streamlining and scaling IT operational processes with a single unified platform.
    Figure 2 - OpsRamp CEO, Varma Kunaparaju, on why you need intelligent incident management for detecting and resolving IT outages before there’s any business impact.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Is Front and Center. Our Vice President of Engineering, Bhanu Singh, continues to be an industry thought leader on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud-native technologies. This month, he offered his opinion on hiring machine learning talent for Dice magazine and how to explain cloud-native applications in plain English for the Enterprisers Project.

    Look for us next month at the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference in the UK and US. And, join us on Tuesday, November 13th for a live webinar with industry thought leader Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx on the future of IT operations in a DevOps world. Reserve your seat here.

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