OpsRamp Forges New Partnership with Google Cloud

4 Min Read | September 08, 2020

Google Cloud is growing marketplace traction with enterprise customers as an innovative, service-rich option for multi-cloud environments. The public cloud platform, known to be a developer’s favorite, has solutions by industry and comprehensive offerings in artificial intelligence, analytics, DevOps and high-performance computing among others. Today, OpsRamp announced a partnership with Google to bring hybrid discovery, monitoring, and automation to Google Cloud customers and partners. We spoke with Brian Hartwell, OpsRamp’s VP of Worldwide Channel Sales, to get all the details.

Why is OpsRamp partnering with Google Cloud? 

BH: OpsRamp has integrations for many popular Google Cloud services, and our customers keep asking for more. Our enterprise customers are not only hybrid, they are typically multi-cloud. We're excited about building a comprehensive GTM with Google that will accelerate cloud adoption and optimization. With this partnership, Google Cloud and OpsRamp together can help enterprises maximize their cloud investments and accelerate modern IT operations across their organization and all environments.

Since OpsRamp already monitors Google Cloud services, what further benefits does this announcement bring to OpsRamp customers and partners?

BH: The OpsRamp Platform is certified and available to run on Google Cloud, delivering a further vote of confidence that customers using OpsRamp can trust our expertise in Google. We’re only planning to grow our capabilities for Google Cloud infrastructure monitoring, and by securing a tighter relationship with Google, we can ensure we always have the latest intelligence on the Google Cloud roadmap. Ultimately, enterprise customers of Google Cloud will be able to procure the OpsRamp platform on the Google Cloud Marketplace. In this desired outcome, Google Cloud will compensate sellers at 100% of the total contract value that flows through Google Cloud Marketplace.

Will customers get pricing discounts or other contractual benefits by purchasing OpsRamp through Google?

BH: Google Cloud customers procuring OpsRamp on Google Marketplace provides many advantages:

  • Procure and Fulfill Fast: Customers may be able to purchase OpsRamp without the need for an internal vendor review if Google is already one of their preferred partners. Customers can create a scalable and repeatable procurement process with deployments that are integrated with Google Cloud.
  • Consolidate Vendor Relationships: Customers won’t need separate billing agreements. Purchases from Google Cloud Marketplace have Google as the seller of record and OpsRamp will be added as a line item to the customer’s Google Cloud bill.
  • Financial Incentives: If customers have a Google Cloud spend agreement, OpsRamp procured through Google Marketplace may count toward committed Google Cloud spend. 

Is OpsRamp going to host the platform entirely on Google Cloud?

BH: Google Cloud will be one of the first choices for OpsRamp Cloud to be deployed. OpsRamp has a production environment in Google Cloud to onboard new customers. OpsRamp also runs our multiple development and QA environment on Google Cloud. The OpsRamp SaaS platform is hosted on a multi-cloud infrastructure which includes AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It is also deployed in colocation data centers managed by OpsRamp. 

Have customers been requesting more capabilities in OpsRamp for Google Cloud? Have we been seeing growth in Google Cloud investments in your market?

BH: Yes. In the past 12 months we've seen growing demand for Google Cloud monitoring and management. This is reflected in their momentum in the market. We are thrilled to partner with a company which has always led mindshare for its developer-first platform focused on industry-first, open source architectures to meet the diverse array of enterprise IT needs.

Why can’t customers simply use Google’s own cloud monitoring suite? Why do they need a solution like OpsRamp?

BH: Customers can certainly use Google Cloud Operations Suite to monitor their Google Cloud services. OpsRamp helps by integrating with Google’s native monitoring tools and by delivering unified monitoring for on-prem, private cloud, and other public clouds including AWS and Microsoft Azure. With OpsRamp, digital and IT operations teams can access a comprehensive view of their hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud native environments with a deeper understanding of the interdependencies between Google Cloud infrastructure and other cloud/on-prem infrastructure components so that they can solve problems faster and optimize their investments in the cloud.

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