It's Time To Move From Manual Incident Processes  

If you are an IT operations manager in an enterprise, you are probably more than familiar with this scenario. As you get to work in the morning and settle down at your desk, you’re suddenly overwhelmed by a deluge of IT alerts coming through. You start parsing these alerts and find that while each alert is technically accurate, you are not able to really see the big picture. As a first-responder to IT incidents, how do you find the right context in your sea of alerts (without having to comb through all of them) and fix an issue before there is any adverse impact?

A typical IT organization receives more than 100,000 alerts every day. For every 110 alerts that your network operations center (NOC) gets, there is only 1 alert that really matters to the health and performance of your business services. In a high-stakes situation, how do you pinpoint the alerts that you need to immediately address without being overwhelmed by the noise? Is your incident management team primarily focused on busy work (sifting through alerts) or on value-added tasks (proactive troubleshooting, incident coordination, and service restoration)?

The reality is that the world of IT service management is still rooted in manual standards and practices. It is hard to improve your IT service levels with manual problem management processes or siloed availability and performance analysis. If you need to move at the speed of your business, you need to quickly identify problems, notify the right teams, and drive rapid resolution for critical incidents.

Automate Incident Response With OpsRamp 

This is what OpsRamp calls as ‘Intelligent Incident Management’. With intelligent incident management, you will be able to drive proactive monitoring and management with the ability to integrate operational insights across your monitoring and service desk tools. Intelligent incident management delivers 100% operational visibility for your hybrid, multi-cloud environments, 50% reduction in mean-time-to-detection and mean-time-to-recovery, and 50% cost savings by rationalizing your existing tools stack.

In our on-demand webinar recording, Jordan Sher, our Director of Corporate Communications and Jeff Kollmann, our Solutions Strategist shed light on what ‘Intelligent Incident Management’ is all about:

  • How do you embrace a new way of thinking so that you can better manage incidents?

  • Why haven’t ITIL and ITSM achieved this yet? What’s holding us back?

  • How you can combine IT service management and IT operations management for controlling the chaos of modern IT environments?

The webinar features an in-depth demonstration of how OpsRamp integrates with your favorite ITSM tools to deliver on the promise of what we call service-oriented IT operations management. Here is the link to the SlideShare presentation below:


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[On-Demand Webinar] Intelligent Incident Management

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