Why I Joined OpsRamp

4 Min Read | September 19, 2019

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I have received a ton of positive encouragement and kind words from many of you since I left my role at Nutanix to join the OpsRamp family last week. I sincerely THANK YOU for taking the time to like, comment, or message me – it means a lot!

While some of you know OpsRamp well, others may be unfamiliar with this San Jose-based startup that is disrupting the world of IT Operations with a hybrid, AIOps-powered monitoring and management platform.

That’s why I felt compelled to share why I took another leap of faith in my career to join OpsRamp – as well as my perspective on why OpsRamp is uniquely positioned to be THE digital operations management platform of choice for enterprises and service providers:

1. The Product

In my six years at Nutanix, I witnessed the company grow from a fledgling startup into a $1B+ annual revenue-generating, publicly-traded company. Working in a highly cross-functional group—Strategic Alliances—gave me unique insights and appreciation for what being a platform company truly means – and more importantly, how a platform company gets built. 

Having just started at OpsRamp, I’m learning more about the product, and I’m increasingly impressed with our platform capabilities. OpsRamp is a modern platform that addresses multiple use cases, including monitoring hybrid infrastructure environments, ensuring proactive incident response through service-centric AIOps, and enabling optimization and extensibility with a vibrant API-driven integration ecosystem. Best of all, it’s all delivered as a holistic, SaaS-based, multi-tenant IT Operations Management (ITOM) platform.

In my role here as Senior Manager of Business Development, I look forward to taking our burgeoning integration ecosystem to the next level. I will also be developing and strenghtening strategic alliance relationships in order to accelerate new business opportunities for OpsRamp and our partners. I’m thoroughly excited to have such a strong product as the foundation for driving these initiatives.

2. The People 

Everyone who’s collaborated closely with me knows that I’m a HUGE believer in company culture. I place tremendous importance on nurturing and galvanizing interpersonal relationships at work. I knew I didn’t want to leave Nutanix unless I was 100% confident in the people and the FAMILY I’d be joining. 

In my first week, the OpsRamp team has truly made me feel at home. I can notice a confident yet humble, inspiring, and daring leadership group at work (and, as we all know, company culture starts at the top). From the well-curated new hire training and onboarding program that our leaders have developed, to our weekly “Lunch and Learn” where we celebrate each other’s successes and learnings - OpsRamp is cultivating a unique culture that fosters individual and collective leadership, learning, collaboration, and personal connection.

Lastly, many of the “startup” clichés everyone knows and loves are fully present here. Hustling, grinding, being scrappy, wearing multiple hats, doing whatever it takes and having FUN – all of these are part and parcel of the OpsRamp DNA. How I feel starting at OpsRamp now truly parallels the way I felt beginning my journey at Nutanix in 2013.  There’s a uniquely powerful, visceral energy, awareness, and shared excitement around the MASSIVE opportunity at hand.


I am incredibly excited to be part of this company and see this as a great opportunity to disrupt a $37 billion industry. I am also proud to be working alongside the top-notch individuals who comprise the OpsRamp family.

In case you were wondering, OpsRamp is HIRING for many open positions. If you’re interested in joining one of the fastest-growing companies in digital operations management, please check out our OpsRamp Careers page. 


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