In December, OpsRamp was at two major industry events: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies and AWS re:Invent. The team demonstrated how hybrid cloud management, multi-cloud monitoring, and machine learning can proactively maintain business services, reduce alert floods, and consolidate point tools across a fragmented enterprise IT environment. Here’s a quick snapshot of the other news milestones from December:

#1 - OpsRamp at Gartner IOCS, Las Vegas and AWS re:Invent

In the opening keynote and throughout many of the sessions, Gartner discussed how infrastructure technologies are increasingly becoming disruptive and endemic to business strategy. Jordan Sher writes a great summary of the event in this blog. Here’s a Twitter moment of the team at the event. Team OpsRamp was also at AWS re:Invent where we hosted a reception dinner with HPE. Tommy Gustaveson was at the event and he shares his key learnings in this blog


#2 - OpsRamp named one of the ‘10 Coolest DevOps Startups in 2019’ by CRN

In December, OpsRamp was recognized by CRN as one of the 10 coolest startups in 2019. These 10 startups are recognized for delivering the technology that enables development and operations teams to work together, work fast and work effectively. In July, CRN also named OpsRamp as one of the emerging vendors in the cloud category.


#3 - OpsRamp talks to Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman about Customer Experience

OpsRamp’s Polly Traylor spoke in detail with industry analyst and host of CxO Talk, Michael Krigsman, on the need for exceptional customer experience. In the blog, Michael spoke extensively on the evolution of customer experience and why technology is more critical to the delivery of competitive, compelling digital experiences than ever before. He explained why it’s a big mistake when companies don’t use data in the right way.


#4 - OpsRamp in the News 

With the close of 2019, OpsRamp’s resident experts shared their predictions and viewpoints on how IT operations will evolve in 2020. Bhanu Singh, SVP of engineering shared his predictions for application performance management in 2020 with APM Digest here and here. He also wrote for The New Stack on the three elements of FutureOps. Head of Support Gerardo Rodriguez shared his thoughts with smallbizdaily on how to build a world-class customer support team at a startup. Product management leader Mahesh Ramachandran took on dreaded holiday outages and how to deal with them. Also, check out Director of Product Marketing Deepak Jannu’s interesting take about the lessons we can learn from IT outages.

#5 - Top Blogs of December 2019

  1. Polly Traylor on the Top ITOps stories of 2019: Big Deals and Big Changes
  2. AI, Let’s Get Real by Daniel Cooper
  3. Prasad Dronamraju on Open Source Application Monitoring with OpsRamp
  4. Machine Learning Made Easy by Jiayi Hoffman
  5. A New Framework for Hybrid Cloud Management by Mahesh Ramachandran
  6. Silvan Sundeep on Virtualization Monitoring with OpsRamp

#6 - What’s Next?

OpsRamp will be at the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Springboard in New York, hosted by Sapphire Ventures on January 15, 2020. Also in February, meet our team at Trace3 Sales & Technical Kickoff in New York (Feb 05-06) and the AIOps Expo, Fort Lauderdale (Feb 11-14).

Next Steps:


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