OpsRamp Joins the CNCF

3 Min Read | January 16, 2019

Cloud-native is here, and we’re joining the movement.


OpsRamp is proud to announce that we’ve joined the  Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). As cloud-native adoption within the enterprise grows at an accelerated pace and Kubernetes emerges as the leading orchestration platform for containerized applications, we’ve been actively developing new enhancements and features to support these innovative technologies.

Containers represent the new era of virtualization and have played a critical role in accelerating workload migrations to the cloud. Virtualization was the key innovation that transformed enterprise IT in the last decade, and containers promise the same for the next. Diamanti’s recent report on the State of Container Adoption finds that “over half of IT leaders (54 percent) say they will employ containers to build cloud-native applications; followed by 39 percent planning to build lightweight, stateless applications. Cloud migrations and modernizing legacy applications came in at 32 and 31 percent, respectively.”

Managing modern digital infrastructure increasingly translates to the management of agile microservices and containerized deployments. Given that Kubernetes is the container orchestration framework of choice for optimizing cloud-native workloads, the OpsRamp platform offers major enhancements to support modern enterprise services.

OpsRamp will support auto-discovery and monitoring for Kubernetes and Docker hosts and provide real-time dashboards that identify running trends and top resource consuming services for containers and pods. We also plan to deliver product capabilities for microservices monitoring using service maps for impact and performance analysis of containerized apps along with full-stack observability for debugging microservices in production. This is in addition to our already industry-recognized  IT infrastructure monitoring, intelligent incident management, and service-centric AIOps solutions.

As CNCF members, we will continue to engage with the amazing community to accelerate the development, growth, and adoption of cloud-native technologies, while also bringing insights from the community back into OpsRamp. Our partnership with CNCF will shape how we build our own products and how we help our customers navigate this new world. We will also contribute to the fast-growing community of open-source cloud-native engineering. It’s just another step in our mission to transform IT management by delivering modern solutions to address the challenges facing IT and digital operations teams.

For more information on this partnership, read the OpsRamp + CNCF  press release.

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