The Monitor - August 2021

4 Min Read | September 09, 2021

The OpsRamp Monitor captures the latest buzz around what’s trending in the world of ITOps and related technology, and August was an especially busy month. Let’s dig in.

Spending On Public Cloud Services Expected To Exceed $480 Billion In 2022 - Gartner

Public cloud is here to stay! Gartner has identified four key trends that will continue to accelerate growth across all segments in the public cloud services market: cloud ubiquity; regional cloud ecosystems; sustainability and carbon-intelligent cloud; and cloud infrastructure and platform service (CIPS) providers. Gartner analyst Henrique Cecci says the pandemic has played a key part in the tremendous growth of public cloud: "The economic, organizational and societal impact of the pandemic will continue to serve as a catalyst for digital innovation and adoption of cloud services." OpsRamp was ahead of the game, launching its Spring 2021 release earlier this year to help organizations migrate to the public cloud and better monitor and manage their hybrid IT infrastructure.

Are We In The Midst Of A Monitoring Revolution?

Back in the 2000s, monitoring was considered the least interesting part of IT operations, a necessary but largely commoditized technology. But several key trends have changed that landscape. Whether it’s the evolution of monitoring to observability or the growing impact of automation in IT operations, monitoring is experiencing a 2020s renaissance. Practitioners believe Observability goes beyond traditional monitoring. It allows companies to gain insight into five key pillars of data health: freshness, distribution, volume, schema, and lineage.  With companies increasing their digital transformation strategies efforts, building complex, cloud-native environments that are hard to monitor, Observability is gaining massive traction and is here to stay.

Attention CIOs! Privacy And Security Will Become Central To Your IT Strategy - Forrester Research 

Forrester Research’s Paul McKay believes that having a privacy and security-forward IT strategy will be key to an organization's success when entering new markets and adhering to new security and data privacy regulations. With increasing cybersecurity breaches, security is increasingly becoming a conversation at C-suite level. This is especially important if you are planning to venture into new markets. “ If you've already got within your IT strategy some principles around how you enter a new market and some of the technology work you have to do to make that successful, you're going to be much more likely to identify issues earlier in the process where you can do something about it,” says Paul.

Robotic Data Automation (RDA) aka XOps - Game-Changer Or Yet Another Acronym?

AI has become an inevitable force in any digital transformation strategy today. A recent survey conducted by OpsRamp revealed that 44% of IT leaders planned to implement AIOps tools as a part of their IT strategy. Despite such growth, IT leaders have found it challenging to integrate AI into their existing infrastructure. The reason? Data, specifically, the ability for development and operations teams to collaborate around data and deploy it into their applications. Gartner listed “data ops” as one of the key challenges in implementing AI into IT organizations. Enter Robotic Data Automation (RDA). We can hear you groaning at yet another acronym, but RDA seems to be a significant breakthrough in simplifying AI integration.

More about it here.

“To get started with RDA, organizations need to effectively identify their business goals, KPIs and how data should be used to reach those goals” - Shailesh Manjrekar,

The Hottest Jobs In IT - 2021

Looking to plan your IT career? Or have you hit a snag in your career and are looking for more challenging opportunities? Fret not, IT jobs remain in massive demand in 2021. Thanks to the pandemic, IT has become the forefront of organizations and there is a hiring spree. But the roles and required skill sets have changed. “Jobs related to emerging technologies and skills accounted for about 28% of open IT positions” says a report from CTIA group. Ranging from data scientists, machine learning engineers, to multi-cloud integrators, here are the nine hottest IT jobs in 2021 according to recruiters, executives, and tech pros.

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