The 2021 State of the Cloud Report shows that 90 percent of enterprises will increase their public cloud investments this year due to Covid-19. The OpsRamp Spring Release drives faster enterprise cloud migrations with automated monitoring, scalable alerting, powerful visualization, and expanded cloud monitoring coverage. Here are some key benefits of the Spring 2021 Release: 

  • Time to Value. Cloud operations (CloudOps) teams can drive faster onboarding of cloud and cloud native infrastructure by using the hybrid cloud onboarding wizard and working with auto-populated dashboards for popular cloud services.
  • Data Federation. Cloud infrastructure engineers can consolidate metric data across on-prem, multi-cloud, and cloud native environments with our new Prometheus integration and drive faster decision making with real-time insights.
  • Self-Service. Cloud operators can provision, configure, monitor, and alert across their hybrid infrastructure without having to engage with external professional services teams.  

OpsRamp’s Spring 2021 Release provides visibility into your hybrid environments with:

  1. Rapid Onboarding. Enterprise IT teams can discover and monitor their cloud and cloud native infrastructure services with OpsRamp’s easy three-step hybrid cloud onboarding wizard. OpsRamp handles the entire cloud onboarding process once users submit information about their enterprise cloud environments. Auto monitoring discovers different cloud infrastructure resources, gathers relevant performance metrics, and creates out-of-the-box dashboards for popular cloud services in 15 minutes or less. 
    Drive faster time-to-value for cloud migrations with our streamlined onboarding process

  2. Data-Driven Insights. Dashboards 2.0 are completely re-imagined dashboards with a focus on usability and performance. As soon as IT teams finish the configuration process, they can access out-of-the-box curated dashboards for instant visibility into their hybrid cloud services. Dashboards 2.0 are completely customizable and configurable by end-users and each graph or chart can be stylized to meet an organization’s needs. These new dashboard widgets are built on the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) that offers cloud operators greater context and insight into the performance of their cloud environments.
    Deliver performance insights for both IT users and business executives with powerful and flexible dashboards

  3. Cloud Native Metrics Observability. CloudOps teams that use Prometheus for monitoring their cloud native services can now send their Prometheus metrics directly into OpsRamp. OpsRamp can store Prometheus metric data and leverage these metrics along with other platform insights for maintaining the availability of containerized workloads. With this integration, OpsRamp offers end-to-end capabilities for Prometheus monitoring with long-term retention of Prometheus metrics, powerful visualization capabilities using PromQL, and native ingestion support for Prometheus Alertmanager.
    Gain real-time insights for cloud native monitoring with our Prometheus integration

  4. Flexible and Centralized Alerting. The new alert definitions model provides a centralized repository for configuring alert conditions that are distinct from the metric collection process. This helps consolidate different metrics and alert types in a single warehouse so that cloud operators can understand what is being alerted at any given time. Disconnecting alerts from metrics helps extract the signal from noise in cloud native environments and lets operators receive actionable and contextual alerts based on relevant performance insights.
    Centrally set thresholds to generate alerts for auto-monitored resources

  5. Comprehensive Cloud and HyperConverged Infrastructure Monitoring. The OpsRamp platform monitors more than 160 different cloud services across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We have increased our Microsoft Azure support with new coverage for popular Azure services such as Blob Storage, Table Storage, File Storage, BatchAI Workspaces, BlockChain, Databox Edge, and Kusto Clusters. We also now support discovery, monitoring, and alerting for hyperconverged infrastructure such as Cisco HyperFlex and EMC VxRail which run a wide variety of enterprise-grade applications and services.
    Track the health and performance of your multi-cloud services with OpsRamp

And if that’s not enough, here is a quick peek into the OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release. Be sure to also watch this on-demand webinar to see what’s new in action.


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