Managed service providers have to manage complex and diverse customer environments that typically include hybrid infrastructure and multiple monitoring feeds. They need to be able to discover and monitor these environments, correlate alerts from multiple systems into single events, and map business services to the infrastructure and application services that support them, building customer-centric dashboards for real-time service and application health in the process. 

Increasingly, MSPs are turning to OpsRamp’s AIOps SaaS platform, a multi-tenant solution that’s tailor-made to process and deliver IT operations insights across distributed data streams for multiple customers. 

TietoEVRY is the latest MSP to partner with OpsRamp to better serve its customers. The company provides managed IT services to enterprises based in the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. This includes application services, cloud and data center services, cybersecurity, data management, AI and analytics, digital experience management and software development.

Customer Objectives

TietoEVRY serves thousands of enterprise and public sector customers. While its focus is on the Nordics, its customers, which include large banks and companies in the manufacturing, forest, telecom and energy industries, operate in more than 90 countries worldwide. Most of those customers are ready for or have already begun their cloud journey. Especially in the last 18 months, TietoEVRY has seen growing interest from its customers in applying AI to their IT operations systems, which are typically fragmented across multiple vendors. 

Under the terms of the partnership, TietoEVRY will make the OpsRamp availability platform a part of its AIOps-driven Next-Gen Enterprise Services offering to accelerate incident identification and response among its customers. Next-Gen Enterprise Services orchestrates infrastructure, application and business process management functionalities across the digital landscape. It utilizes TietoEVRY customers’ existing tools while bringing the data from these tools together, gaining new insights from this data and automating IT processes in response to those insights. Customers gain new efficiencies and around a 30% decrease in ITOps spend.

Customer Challenges

Large enterprises in the Nordics, like their counterparts in the rest of the world, have a fragmented ITOps estate with customers typically turning to multiple vendors to manage different parts of their infrastructure, another vendor to manage their application performance, and if they start running workloads in the cloud, they’ll need another vendor to help manage that.

This fragmentation creates IT management siloes along multiple monitoring data streams and makes it hard to adopt new technologies and roll out new services. TietoEVRY’s customers like what they hear about AIOps—applying artificial intelligence to their operational systems to make them more efficient and resilient—but their existing ITOps systems are too fragmented to take advantage of the technology.

We want to provide a holistic management solution across different hyperscalers, whatever our customers are using. OpsRamp supports all of those environments and allows us to create that holistic offering for our customers.”

- Jani Hyppönen, TietoEVRY

The Solution

TietoEVRY will integrate the OpsRamp SaaS platform as the “DigiOps” foundation of its Next-Gen Enterprise Services offering, providing a digital operations management backbone that’s more automated and more intelligent, managing applications, IT infrastructure and business processes. It will look to apply AI across the whole chain of IT operations for its customers in the Nordic markets.  

TietoEVRY’s Next-Gen Enterprise services framework has been established on the principle of utilizing, whenever possible and convenient, customers’ existing tools and licenses. It will use OpsRamp to provide a single pane of visibility for customers across their applications and infrastructure.

“Our role is basically to integrate and provide solutions for customers irrespective of the tech choices those customers made,” said Jani Hyppönen, Head of Integrated AIOps at TietoEVRY. “Ecosystem is the name of the game. We want to provide a holistic management solution across different hyperscalers, whatever our customers are using. OpsRamp supports all of those environments and allows us to create that holistic offering for our customers.”

TietoEVRY operates its own data centers and private cloud offerings for its customers and its customers also run workloads in the public cloud and their own internal data centers.

“Multicloud is a big factor,” said Hyppönen. “We want to provide the best solution to accommodate whatever needs our customers have. But we can also transform our customers from their current environments to where they should be to secure digital availability and performance.”

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