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CMDBs Are Yesterday’s Solution to Today’s Problem

You’re probably frustrated with your configuration management database (CMDB), and it’s easy to see why. As companies make the move to hyperscale infrastructure, software-as-a-service, and continuous delivery pipelines, one thing is certain: change is the only constant. This means your static CMDB data refresh strategy won’t cut it in a world of fast-moving and constantly evolving digital services.

The truth is simple: Every business infrastructure is different, but they’re all different in similar ways. If agility is the norm, you don’t need a better spreadsheet to manage your enterprise IT infrastructure. You need a radically different configuration management system that offers the right contextual visibility for an increasingly dynamic IT ecosystem.

Smart Is The New CMDB

What you need for the world of hybrid IT is a smart store. The smart store tracks distributed IT assets and configurations across datacenters, multi-cloud environments, automated processes, and smart machines. Gain access to proactive, predictive, and preventive insights for your entire IT environment by deploying a smart store. Your smart store aggregates operational data across IT and OT for superior business/application performance.

The next generation of smart operational configuration performance stores is finally here. Our smart solution, Unified Service Discovery, tracks and keeps up with your hybrid IT infrastructure using automated discovery and onboarding policies. With  Unified Service Discovery, you can keep up with real-time IT asset and configuration changes. It’s easy to:

  • Discover stable and ephemeral infrastructure, applications and services, and their underlying relationships using standard protocols and APIs.
  • Model your IT services using Service Maps, which offer visual maps of asset interdependencies and relationships.

Unified Service Discovery: The Smart Way To Keep Your CMDB Relevant

The key priority for IT asset managers is to auto-discover IT services, infrastructure, and constituent relationships across hybrid environments. Unified Service Discovery connects your services to underlying workloads and demonstrates service dependencies visually from day zero.

Connect Unified Service Discovery data to your CMDB system for a smart CMDB that powers data-driven insights for everyone, from the CIO to the infrastructure management team. Here’s what you can achieve with a smart CMDB:

    1. Resource Usage. Manage capacity planning and optimization for a specific application, a critical set of services, or a public cloud vendor.
    2. Cost Analytics. Control IT sprawl with a digital command center for total operational visibility. Curb shadow IT proliferation for effective IT asset ROI.
    3. Impact Analysis. Handle service disruptions across hybrid clouds, applications, or strategic vendors through real-time application insights and performance.
    4. Situational Awareness. Discover failure points and bottlenecks so that your DevOps teams proactively troubleshoot with the right data.

When It Comes to IT Visibility, You Don’t Need Another Source of Truth. You Need a Single Source of Truth.

With policy-based management and logical service maps, you'll have a single source of truth on IT asset status and locations, and whether an asset is currently in operation or in repair.  Unified Service Discovery helps keep your CMDB data current with the right insights and analytics through:

  • Live Asset Inventory. Unified Service Discovery is your Google search for IT assets, with its ability to locate any IT asset in one click. IT asset dashboards let you keep tabs on your hybrid landscape by legacy and modern workloads, business units, logical sites and business services.
  • Capacity Management. See how your IT assets are evolving in line with business needs. Access utilization trends for your entire IT environment and make informed decisions on which workloads to move from datacenter to the cloud and vice-versa.
  • Asset Compliance. Get a grip on your IT asset base with rapid onboarding of IT assets across global locations. Drive greater agility, speed, and innovation with the right asset management data for your critical IT services.

You already feel the pain of an insufficient CMDB practice within your enterprise. It doesn’t have to be this way. Unified Service Discovery offers more dynamic, more visual, and more advanced visibility for your distributed IT environment. In a world where technology is changing faster than you can write it down, it’s critical to maintain a view of IT that’s just as fast.

To learn more about OpsRamp’s answer to your CMDB headaches, sign up for the 48-hour IT Asset Visibility Challenge. You’ll see the what, where, and how of the hybrid environments that support your business services.

Unified Service Discovery

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