“To become fully digital, enterprises have to increase dramatically the scope, scale and speed of their IT—all while staying in sync with the evolving needs of the business.”

- Bain & Company, Six IT Design Rules for Digital Transformation

For successful digital transformation, IT teams need to control the chaos of hybrid, multi-cloud environments without losing sight of organizational goals, budgets, and timelines. How do IT Operations teams better support today’s digital revolution? In 2018, IT organizations will need to embrace IT Operations as a Service for scalable operations and service-level accountability.  

The OpsRamp 5.0 Summer 2018 release helps IT teams transform into agile, shared-service providers to meet the challenges of digital business. The 5.0 release delivers the foundation for automated IT infrastructure management, with comprehensive visibility, intelligence, and control for world-class IT Operations.

Get To Know OpsRamp 5.0 shares the latest and greatest OpsRamp platform innovations. Mahesh Ramachandran, VP of Product Management, presented how the 5.0 release helps IT teams optimize cloud costs, speed up incident response, leverage data-driven insights, and embrace service-centric management. 

Check out the webinar recording and learn about the five key highlights of the 5.0 release:

  • Multi-Cloud Visibility Dashboards for cloud asset visibility and cloud spend management
  • AIOps Inference Engine for eliminating noisy alerts and focusing on the incidents that matter to your business
  • Custom Reports for extracting the right operational insights for enterprise IT management
  • Service Groups (with a brand new UI) for visualizing how your infrastructure resources and operational processes support critical IT services
  • Expanded Integrations for managing nearly 90 public cloud services from leading providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google

And if that’s not enough, we’ll also provide a quick peek into the OpsRamp platform roadmap and tell you what else is on the horizon.  

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