The January 2018 Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2018 notes:

“As digital transformation efforts take hold and spur interest in the potential around data-driven decision-making, a brighter spotlight is being shone on the application and infrastructure performance market."

On Thursday, April 26th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, we’re excited to be hosting the author of the report, Nancy Gohring, 451 Research Senior Analyst, who will share the latest insights on how monitoring is changing in today’s hybrid IT world.

  • From on-premises to cloud-native
  • From waterfall development to continuous delivery
  • From monolith apps to microservices
  • From servers to serverless
  • From VMs to containers and Kubernetes

With so much change and potential for complexity, IT operations now represents competitive advantage. But how do you quickly and easily see across your hybrid environments, including not only departments and divisions, but also subsidiaries? How proactive is your monitoring? What about event correlation? And what is the role of central IT in the world of DevOps and multi-cloud management?

In this interactive webinar, Nancy Gohring will share the latest insights on how monitoring is changing in a world driven by IT Operations as a Service. We’ll discuss:

  • The IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) 2.0 ecosystem;
  • How to combine centralized monitoring from Ops with ongoing monitoring from Devs;
  • The growing importance of cloud spend management and digital experience monitoring.

We’ll discuss how forward-thinking enterprises are adopting a new centralized approach that puts responsibility for optimizing monitoring systems in the hands of a central team, with ongoing monitoring handled by application teams. You’ll also get an introduction to OpsRamp’s Unified Service Intelligence solution, which combines service availability and performance management with event and service-level management.

Who should attend?

  • IT execs looking for trends in the state of hybrid application and infrastructure monitoring.
  • DevOps professionals looking for new, modern, monitoring frameworks.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about OpsRamp and our vision for IT Ops as a Service.

We hope you can make it.


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