Why I Joined OpsRamp

2 Min Read | April 19, 2018

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I am thrilled to be a part of the OpsRamp team, running our Northeast sales operation. In my first few weeks with the company, I can already sense the passion and energy from my new colleagues. Their enthusiasm, work ethic, and ‘can-do’ attitude are contagious. We're moving fast to create a culture of success in the innovative world of IT operations management.

I spent nearly six years with a legacy technology company before joining OpsRamp. During that time I continually heard the same messages from my customers: They want IT to better serve the business, and not just be a cost center. They want to move more workloads to the cloud, and realize the operational savings and efficiencies with on-demand and flexible consumption models. They want to take advantage of technological innovation wherever possible, and they want a technology provider capable of partnering with them throughout their journey.

Customers also want to choose a partner who is excited about the future of technology, who welcomes challenges to the status quo, and is willing to explore new approaches to solve customer problems.

OpsRamp is that technology partner. The OpsRamp SaaS platform for managing IT operations was created from the ground up, built to handle the explosion of IT assets and proliferation of cloud applications. The folks at OpsRamp work tirelessly to ensure each customer is realizing the value they expect from the platform.

Legacy technology companies struggle to be that disruptive technology partner their customers deserve. Rather than build products to address a changing IT landscape, they tend to cobble together solutions from various products, often borne through acquisitions. This is not a strategy for customer success, in the short or long term. Customers are left confused, overcharged, and without the solutions they deserve. They are left feeling stuck.

When looking at technology providers, it’s important to step back and ask: Am I truly partnering with the best? Are they continually innovating, and challenging me to do the same? Is this provider capable and willing to address the increasing complexity of IT in the future?

I am excited to be a part of the OpsRamp team, and look forward to helping our customers succeed.

For more on how you can make the switch from Micro Focus to OpsRamp too, learn more.

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