How does Google achieve a daily deployment frequency of 5,500 code check-ins? Google’s rapid release velocity is due to Site Reliability Engineering principles. Another contributing factor is Google’s use of container technologies for production workloads.

Google uses containers to package, deploy, transport, and shut down applications at scale. By one estimate, Google launches 3,000 containers per second and tears down 2 billion containers in a week.  

Dev and Ops teams are embracing containers to meet the demands of digital disruption. Goldman Sachs recently announced that it would move 90% of its computing to containers. A RightScale survey found that 29% of enterprises use containers in production. Only 9% of enterprises have no plans to work with containers.

Container Usage of Respondents

We present the views of 20 thought leaders who explain how to work with containers. Learn why you need to start experimenting with containers right away. Understand the use cases as well as the pitfalls of using containers in an enterprise context.  


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