451 Research’s Market Impact report, OpsRamp Targets The Enterprise As It Builds Out Its SaaS-Based ITOM Proposition, showcases why we are a disruptive player in the $25 billion IT operations management (ITOM) software market. “OpsRamp is building out its SaaS-based IT operations management platform to meet the needs of hybrid IT environments and cloud-native architectures,” writes William Fellows, 451's co-founder in a new report. 

The report summarizes the latest and greatest innovation from OpsRamp’s recent 5.0 release. The OpsRamp platform helps enterprise IT teams control the chaos of hybrid, multi-cloud environments and 451 Research agrees: “The 5.0 release of the OpsRamp platform manages cross-platform cloud services, helps organizations avoid vendor lock-in or the dreaded underutilization of multi-cloud resources.”

Here are three key observations on OpsRamp from the 451 report: 

  1. Multi-Cloud Management. Do you know which cloud services your business units are consuming at any point in time? Can you accurately predict your monthly cloud bill and send alerts whenever you see huge cost spikes? The Multi-Cloud Visibility Dashboard lets DevOps teams track cloud consumption across AWS, Azure and Google and makes sense of cloud billing with two new widgets for cost insights and cost trends. Here’s how 451 Research describes our cloud-native management features: “The Multi-Cloud Visibility Dashboard includes a Global Assets widget showing a geographical distribution of IT assets across datacenter and cloud environments; a Cloud Cost Insights widget showing public cloud spend to date, with a breakdown by cloud account, by custom attributes, and other criteria; and a Cost Trend widget to present public cloud cost trends over time, enabling IT teams to access cost trends by resource type, custom attributes and other criteria.
  2. Intelligent Event Correlation. How do you shine a light on the events that truly need your attention across dynamic IT environments? The AIOps Inference Engine helps incident management teams consolidate alerts and events for different monitoring tools and understand the root cause(s) behind a service disruption. Learn how intelligent event correlation helps you manage endless alert floods: “To improve root-cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution, OpsRamp 5.0 includes an AIOps inference engine. OpsRamp says customers can now learn how events are correlated, and focus their attention on alerts that matter.
  3. Dynamic Topology Views. Can you identify and track the performance of hybrid infrastructure services that power your business-critical IT services? Service Maps let you organize IT resources in a hierarchical structure for faster user impact analysis. Here's an excerpt on how service maps offer visibility and control for business services: “A redesigned Service Maps tool enables customers to organize, visualize and monitor their IT infrastructure footprint through a 'line of sight' between an IT service and its underlying workloads.

Download the complete 451 Research report to learn more about how OpsRamp delivers “end-to-end, holistic IT management platform for heterogeneous environments.”

[451 Research] Hybrid IT Operations Management Report

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