Do you have intermittent failures in your IT environment that are hard to resolve? Are you unable to arrive at the root cause of a failure even after looking at historical data? IT process automation helps you increase operational efficiency, improve response times, and reduce error rates.

When critical failure events occur, you need as much context as you can get around what happened before, during, and after the event. Information such as key OS processes running on the system, network state, and system parameters represent “critical event context”. Such information can mean the difference between narrowing down the root cause within minutes and taking hours or days chasing needles in a haystack.

Event context is available only as a system “snapshot” during the event and not available later as a historical record. Your IT operations tool should be able to capture event context during the incident too. OpsRamp's automation framework helps you capture event context in a consistent and efficient manner.

You can write a script to collect event context in your favorite scripting language - Python, Perl, Bash, etc. You then upload your script to OpsRamp as a Runbook. You can configure the Runbook to execute when OpsRamp's monitors trigger an event. When an event occurs, OpsRamp will run your script, capture event context, and attach that context to the event. When you troubleshoot the event, all this context is available at your fingertips to diagnose the root cause. It’s that simple!

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