As an IT leader, if you are waiting for reasons to embrace DevOps, look no further than the recent DevOps Adoption report commissioned by Rackspace. Rackspace surveyed 700 IT decision makers and 250 employees across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to understand drivers for Enterprise DevOps implementation. The research findings apply to organizations of all sizes - 45% of respondents had more than 1,000+ employees, 35% between 501 to 1,000 employees, and 20% between 251 to 500 employees.

The report confirms that enterprises are using DevOps practices as a foundation for delivering great software that exceeds customers expectations and increases business agility. According to the report: “The 700 businesses we spoke to confirm a real appetite for the kind of development and operational processes today’s digitally-focused businesses need. DevOps is really all about getting development and operations teams to work together towards common goals – delighting the end customer, delivering business value and driving business profitability.”

DevOps Adoption Is Accelerating

Businesses are seeing measurable benefits by adopting DevOps, from the DevOps Adoption Study Infographic

Here are some surprising and not-so-surprising findings from the Rackspace study:

  • State of Adoption. 86% of IT and business decision makers have either implemented DevOps or will roll out DevOps initiatives within the next 3 years. In line with best practices, 49% of respondents who’ve deployed DevOps have fully integrated their Dev and Ops teams while 47% have aligned DevOps with their long-term business objectives.
  • Release Velocity. On average, organizations are building 18 new applications and rolling out 50 upgrades for existing applications every year. It’s simply not possible to attain this level of release velocity without development and operations teams closely collaborating across the application lifecycle.
  • Organizational Impetus. The primary department responsible for introducing DevOps processes is the IT Operations department. 43% of DevOps rollouts were initiated by the IT Operations team and 16% by the Development team. In only 25% of organizations, CIOs were instrumental in launching DevOps initiatives.
  • Business Impact. Hearteningly, early adopters of DevOps have great news to share. 93% of organizations surveyed confirmed that DevOps has delivered significant benefits, with 52% mentioning increased customer satisfaction, 49% reduced IT infrastructure costs, and 44% reduction in application downtime.
  • Measurable Benefits. On the technical side, 57% of organizations have been able to deliver new features faster, 43% have reduced time to market, and 41% are able to respond more quickly to business needs.

If you want your organization to deliver better software faster, embrace the growing movement of DevOps to achieve greater agility, better collaboration, and lower application failures. Start your DevOps journey now by reading the report!

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