DevOps Is For Real and Rob Berger Tells Us Why

2 Min Read | October 17, 2014

The technology industry is well known for incessantly promoting the next big thing. So much so, Larry Ellison famously remarked in 2008, "The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women's fashion." As a technology executive who's witnessed one hype cycle after another, you might be right in discounting all the buzz around DevOps.

That would be a big mistake! Industry thought leader Rob Berger shares in our webinar why DevOps matters for enterprises and startups alike. In an interactive conversation with OpsRamp CTO, Varma Kunaparaju, Rob states, "DevOps is not a role or job description but a philosophy of doing things...DevOps is about applying agile and lean techniques in IT operations for meeting business goals". DevOps demands continuous collaboration between Dev, Ops, and business teams across the product lifecycle which can be a difficult transformation for most enterprises.

Rob's advice to IT leaders who are looking to implement DevOps is to tie internal performance measures to broader organizational metrics so you can leverage the skills of people across different teams.

Here are highlights from Rob:

  • You need Devs to take responsibility for their production app. Have Devs rotate on pager duty for at least some of the time. Devs will then learn how of some of the decisions they take create pain on the production side.
  • Tie in your DevOps initiatives to top level business metrics. To accomplish a business metric, what does it take in the infrastructure?
  • One of the key things in DevOps is to automate all things. As an Ops person, you have to learn how to script and use tools like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible for configuration management. When you want to bring up a new service, it should require little to no manual intervention.
  • Enterprises need to figure out how they can push evolution without disrupting day to day operations. One technique for adopting DevOps is to start small. Identify projects where you can create new teams to work on modular initiatives.
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