Today the OpsRamp team is announcing our new integration with Cherwell Software at the 2018 Cherwell Global Conference. This bi-directional integration will leverage Cherwell's patented Mergeable Application (mApp) technology that OpsRamp and Cherwell customers can apply to their environments without the need for customization or development.

While OpsRamp already has hundreds of integrations for monitoring, management, automation and remote access, our new partnership with Cherwell is unique. It represents a whole new way for IT operations teams to leverage the power of a digital operations command center combined with ITSM for Intelligent Incident Management.

The Challenges of Incident Management At Scale

Figure 1 - Incident identification, prioritization, and resolution is not easy at enterprise scale.

Modern IT teams can leverage OpsRamp’s AIOps-enabled digital operations cloud platform with Cherwell’s IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities in two powerful ways:

  • IT Operations and Service Management: OpsRamp’s unified service discovery and multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring make it easy to find and monitor distributed and hybrid IT resources and map them to business-critical services. Users can identify critical alerts that affect business performance with OpsRamp’s AIOps-enabled inference engine and translate them into meaningful incidents directly within Cherwell for faster restoration.
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Integration: OpsRamp’s dynamic, hybrid-ready discovery engine pushes all relevant IT asset information into a smart store which can synchronize CMDB data for greater transparency and visibility. It’s a modern replacement for manual spreadsheets that track configuration item records.

“We’re excited to partner with Cherwell to deliver a digital operations command center that helps modern IT teams discover, monitor, manage, remediate, and automate their hybrid infrastructure operations,” said Mike Munoz, Chief Revenue Officer at OpsRamp. “This integrated solution, combining IT operations management and IT service management, is truly the future of digital business.”

In order to bring this new integrated solution to Cherwell customers, OpsRamp is also announcing a new partnership with T4S Partners, an IT consulting and professional services firm specializing in Cherwell implementations.

“We’re excited to be able to bring OpsRamp’s unique service-centered AIOps platform to the enterprises we serve,” says Rob Ash, Managing Partner and CEO of T4S Partners. “Partners like OpsRamp align with our corporate strategy to help our customers realize their growth ambitions through better, more unified IT operations and service management, powered by artificial intelligence.”

Both our companies are currently demonstrating this new integration at the Cherwell Global Conference in Colorado Springs from September 18th-20th. OpsRamp will be showcasing at Booth 107, and T4S Partners at Booth 207. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, come and visit us for a free custom demonstration and an OpsRamp “Control the Chaos” T-shirt.

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