Gartner has found that 64% of executives expect to transform into digital businesses by 2017. Forrester’s “The State Of Digital Business 2016 to 2020” shows that 46% of executives believe that digital will have an impact on more than 50% of sales in less than five years.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour. Digital business requires a strategic response given the high stakes involved in getting it right. For successful digital transformation, businesses need to:

  • Innovate Constantly. Create and deploy brand new applications and newer versions of existing applications in an agile and dynamic fashion.
  • React Quickly. Resolve issues across applications and underlying infrastructure with speed for a consistent customer experience.

Manual, Sequential or Regimented IT Operations Management Is Not Built For Digital Business

To support digital transformation, IT Operations should become a business enabler. IT Ops can no longer be a support function with undependable speed of delivery, limited range of services, and vague SLAs. Manual, sequential, and regimented IT Ops will bring failure in your digital transformation efforts.

The Need For “Instant ITOM” Has Never Been Greater

For sustainable digital transformation, IT Ops should embrace agile cultural practices with “Instant ITOM”. IT Operations Management as a Service enhances customer experience, operational processes, and business models. IT Ops can champion digital business innovation with Instant ITOM through:

  1. Self Service. Allow business units to request and consume core IT operations functions via self service.
  2. On Demand. Zero touch delivery of IT operations management to the business.
  3. Service Centric Dashboards. Share service centric health view of managed resources with the business.
  4. Service Level Management. Effectively manage the service levels of requested services by the businesses.

Effectively Aid Digital Transformation With Instant ITOM

Digital transformation is key to maintaining marketplace competitiveness. IT Operations management as a service helps you succeed in digital business with speed and agility. It allows you to build the right capabilities for digital business strategies. IT Ops can cater to dynamic business requirements in an agile fashion, whether during the product development lifecycle or in production.


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