We’re excited to announce that OpsRamp is now officially Nutanix Ready Certified as an AHV Integrated Technology Alliance Partner in the Nutanix Elevate Program. Our certified solution lets customers confidently discover, monitor, and automate not only their Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) but also their broader hybrid IT environment. 

OpsRamp’s integration for Nutanix Prism helps IT operations teams manage the clusters, hosts, storage, and the network performance of their Nutanix infrastructure. Organizations using the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) benefit from OpsRamp’s digital operations management platform that delivers a new level of visibility, productivity, and governance across dynamic IT infrastructure.

Customers who enjoy the simplicity of running apps at any scale on Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform will also benefit from using OpsRamp to monitor their distributed infrastructure, proactively reduce incidents and alerts, and automate routine workflows from one SaaS-based multitenant platform

With the OpsRamp Nutanix integration, customers can:

  • Monitor the performance of Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI); 
  • Build service maps to track the impact of different application and infrastructure components on a business service; 
  • Be the first-to-know about critical outages and performance degradations with service-centric AIOps and policy-driven notifications; 
  • Generate health and performance dashboards for Nutanix HCI; 
  • Trigger event-driven, on-demand, and scheduled runbooks for automated incident remediation;
  • Role-based access controls for securely executing tasks on Nutanix elements; 
  • Enable compliance of virtual machines hosted on Nutanix AHV with automated OS patch management.

Top benefits of OpsRamp’s certified integration for Nutanix include:

  1. Dynamic Discovery and Unified Monitoring. OpsRamp’s API-based discovery finds different Nutanix elements such as clusters, hosts, storage, and virtual machines based on hierarchy. Based on the discovered attributes, monitoring automation in OpsRamp helps discover Nutanix resources using the correct monitoring policies, asset information jobs, knowledge articles, and tag assignment. IT operations teams can navigate through each of the discovered Nutanix clusters and view relevant availability and performance metrics for their infrastructure.
    Figure 1. Access availability and performance metrics for Nutanix clusters. Nutanix-Agent-performance-statsFigure 2. View the health and performance of virtual machines hosted on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.
  2. Service Maps and Alert Escalation Policies. Service maps provide application owners visibility into the real-time health of their business-critical services hosted on Nutanix infrastructure. Service maps offer a clear line of visibility into the applications, middleware, and hyperconverged infrastructure that underpin an enterprise IT service. IT operations teams can view all alerts generated due to threshold changes at the application or infrastructure level in the service map, and then perform root cause(s) analysis. Alert escalation policies inform the right on-call teams about an incident using either multi-channel notifications (email, text, and voice) or native incident management in OpsRamp.
    ERP-ServiceMapsFigure 3. OpsRamp service maps let IT teams manage the performance of ERP systems hosted on Nutanix infrastructure.


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