HPE Discover 2024 was one of the biggest and most monumental events in the history of the company, packed with several ground-breaking announcements. The event was the first-ever corporate keynote at Sphere, Las Vegas and was attended by a record 14000 people. OpsRamp, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, played an active role in the conference program and issued several new product announcements. Let’s have a look at some of the key highlights from HPE Discover 2024:

Recap of OpsRamp Product Announcements

HPE Discover 2024 saw several OpsRamp product announcements, as we announced significant enhancements to better serve the modern, hybrid and complex world of IT Operations. Here are some of the key highlights:

        1. Autonomous IT Operations: This was the overarching theme of all our product announcements. Modern enterprises are hybrid, distributed, and dynamic by design. Workloads are more complex than ever, moving from cloud-native to AI-native. A new approach is needed to manage these large-scale, dynamic, and distributed environments. This new approach forms the three tenets of OpsRamp’s vision for autonomous IT operations, delivering efficiency, agility, and resilience for hybrid cloud operations. The three key tenets of Autonomous IT Operations are:
          • Unified observability
          • AI-powered analytics
          • Intelligent automation
        2. Operations Copilot: The operations copilot combines observability signal-specific Al models developed by OpsRamp with a GenAl conversational assistant to digest large data sets and provide insights in near real-time through dashboards generated on the fly. Here’s a deep-dive on the feature.

        3. Extending Observability to AI infrastructure: OpsRamp now supports full-stack AI workload-to-infrastructure observability enabling IT teams to monitor their AI infrastructure in context of the AI workloads, correlated with the rest of their data center infrastructure. AI infrastructure supported includes NVIDIA GPUs and AI clusters, NVIDIA DGX Systems, NVIDIA Mellanox, InfiniBand and Spectrum ethernet switches.     

        4. Bringing The Power of Observability to the Network: Autonomous IT operations requires complete visibility of hybrid IT environments. With that in mind, OpsRamp announced a new network observability solution to help enterprise IT organizations, global systems integrators (GSIs) and managed service providers (MSPs) go beyond traditional network performance monitoring to empower their IT teams with visibility, insights, and control. You can read more about it here.

EchoStar and OpsRamp

OpsRamp’s Sheen Khoury met Michael Hawn of EchoStar for a conversation on how we continue to help advance EchoStar’s hybrid observability strategy. Michael shared his thoughts on how his team planned and implemented an observability strategy by leveraging the AIOps and hybrid observability capabilities of OpsRamp and the challenges EchoStar overcame to transform their IT operations from reactive to predictive. 



OpsRamp Sessions at HPE Discover 2024  

Varma Kunaparaju, OpsRamp’s co-founder and CEO and now vp/general manager of Hybrid Cloud SaaS at HPE, delivered an insightful session at HPE Discover, speaking on transforming ITOps with AI-infused Observability. He spoke about how AI-infused observability provides deeper insights, predictive capabilities, and automated solutions, enabling IT teams to maintain optimal performance, enhance security, and deliver exceptional user experiences. 


Chris Morgan, principal pre-sales architect at OpsRamp, gave a demo session on how to enable ITOps and SRE teams to enhance business value and boost performance.


OpsRamp Featured in the Keynotes

HPE CEO Antonio Neri, during his historic keynote at HPE Discover 2024, described the acquisition of OpsRamp as one of the ‘crown jewels’ of HPE GreenLake. He also announced the three major product updates from OpsRamp:

  1. Support for full stack AI workload-to-infrastructure observability
  2. Operations copilot
  3. Integration with CrowdStrike APIs to provide more security observability across workloads

Here’s a link to his full keynote.


When we connect everything inside the enterprise – from edge to cloud – transformation happens, and intelligence is limitless.”

- Antonio Neri, CEO, HPE

HPE CTO Fidelma Russo, in her hybrid cloud session spoke in detail about OpsRamp’s operations copilot feature and how it helps unlock the power of full stack observability and identify issues proactively.


Photo: Holger Muller

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